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The Wheels on the Bus

Use for circle time (Song and story time)
This Set includes:
– 1 Felt Dinosaur Bus (14.5X8.5inches)
– 5 Felt Animals (Monkey, Hyena, Flamingo, Lion, Crocodile)

Introduce the Bus: “Hello, everyone! Here comes the Dinosaur Bus!”
Teacher says to the children: “Let’s say ‘Hello’ to the Dinosaur Bus!”
Children say Hello, Dinosaur Bus!”
Dinosaur says, “Roar! I’m driving the bus to pick up our friends. Let’s get on the bus together!”
Dinosaur Bus picks up different animals at several bus stops while singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ song
-The crocodile on the bus goes Snap, snap, snap! ~~~All day long!
-The hyena on the bus goes Ha,ha,ha ~~~ All day long!
-The lion on the bus goes Roar, roar, roar~~All day long!
-The Flamingos on the bus go Flap,flap,flap~~All day long!
-The monkeys on the bus go Chatter,chatter,chatter~~All day long!


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