Happy Frog

– Use for greeting song, circle time (Song and story time)
– This Set includes: 1 Felt Frog and 1 Balloon

Happy frogs are items that can be used for various activities during circle time by pulling their arms and legs and shaking their bodies. You can use a balloon hand-pump to inflate the balloon in the frog’s mouth to show the frog’s large mouth and express its mood.

Example for songs:
Hello Song
Introduce the Happy Frog: “This is my friend, the Happy Frog”.
Teacher says, “Can you say hello to the Happy Frog?”
Boys and girls say Hello, Happy Frog! (Frog says ribbit, ribbit)
Frog says: “Hello boys and girls! I want to sing the Hello Song with my friends”
Singing Hello Song while shaking Frog hands.

Good-Bye song
Introduce Good-Bye Song:
Teacher says: “Hello, my friend! Did you have fun today? Let’s sing the Goodbye Song with the Happy Frog”
Happy Frog says: “Goodbye, friends!I had so much fun with you! Goodbye!!!”
Goodbye Song Lyrics:
“If you are happy and you know it”song
(Clap, Stomp, Jump, Spin around, Fly or Flap, Hooray…)
Walking Walking song
Weather Song
Freeze Dance song

Example for Story Time
What can you do? / I can ________.
For Examples:
– I can walk with my legs.
– I can clap with my hands (wash my hands/face/body/hair)
– I can brush my teeth.
– I can bend my body (knees, arms..)
– I can stretch and sit
– I can shake my body (head, arms, legs)

How do you feel? / I am _______.
– I am sleepy (happy, sad, angry, tired, excited, scared)


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