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How’s the weather?

– Use for song and circle time
– Weather felts includes: (Sunny 1, Cloudy 1, Rainy Cloud 1, Windy 1, Snowy 1 )

*** Every ordered Felt Story is unique, the colors/patterns can be slightly different from the pictures.
Thank you


(teacher) How’s the weather today?
(teacher will choose one weather prop)
(Sunny) Teachers will sing the “sunny ” song . (Clementine tune)
After singing teachers will flip up the first layer and ask student’s ” Is it sunny today ”
If it is sunny the teacher will flip up the second layer and place the prop over their smiling face.
(teacher asks) ” Who likes sunny days?
Students that answer yes will get the prop placed over their face as the teacher sings ” _____________ likes sunny days ”
put in front of their smiling face

Teacher will repeat the same pattern with the next weather prop.
(Windy)The windy prop only has 1 layer to open
After the windy song is finished they ask ” Who likes windy days ”
Teacher will place the prop over the students face and ask blow like the wind

(Rainy cloud) Sing the rainy day song
After the song is finished teacher will attach the umbrella to the back of the raincloud ( velcro )
Place the prop over the students face and they can pretend to cry about the rainy day .

(Cloudy) Sing the cloudy song .
Ask ” who likes cloudy days ? ”
Place the prop over the students face and they can pretend to be sad / gloomy .

(Snowy) Sing the snowy song.
Ask ” Who likes snowy days ? ”
Open the first layer of the eyes to reveal different eyes underneath.
Then put the prop in front of the students face and open the second layer to reveal the students eyes.
Students will close their eyes / shiver.
When finished with all the weather props the teacher can ask follow up questions
” What’s your favorite weather ?”
Student’s answer ” I like _____ the best ”
” My favorite weather is ______ ”
Teacher says ” My favorite weather is sunny days ”
Teacher will begin to sing ” You are my sunshine ” while moving around the sunny weather prop
Teachers can choose any weather they like and sing a song about it
teachers can say ” I don’t like rainy days ” and sing Rain Rain Go Away song.
” I like snowy days ” and sing the snowflake song.
Little Snowflake song or 5 Little Snowman Song


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