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Monster Hand Puppet

– Use for greeting song, circle time (Song and story time: food, nap time..)
– This Set includes: 1 hand puppet

Monster puppets item that can be used for various activities during circle time by opening their mouths and eating some food.

How to use this puppet

Teacher will have the children try to feed the monster puppet
The puppet will try to grab the food from the children by snapping it’s mouth shut .
The children must try to quickly put the food in the mouth before it closes
The monster says ” I’m hungry !!! Feed me !!! ‘
I’m Hungry !!!! GIve ME SOME FOOD
Teacher says ” Monster , open your mouth as wide as you can ”
( monster opens a little bit )
Teacher says ” wider ” /a little more /a little wider
Monster eats and then says ” I’m so full ”
Thank you friends , I’m going to take a nap now..
(Before nap)Good night!


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