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Hide And Seek

– Use for circle time (Song and story time)
– pop-up book includes: (1 book + 16 pieces)
1 Book (Size: 16cmX16cm )
16 pieces: 2 monkeys, 1 spider, 1 snake, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 fish, 1 butterfly, 1 bat, 1 monster, alphabet letters(A,B,C), 1 rabbit, 1 lion, 1 sheep

*** Every ordered Felt Story is unique, the colors/patterns can be sightly different from the pictures. Thank you

Little children will love joining Little Monkey and the other woodland animals for a game of hide and seek in this pop up book. Little Monkey loves to play hide-and-seek in the forest. Children and teacher(mom) count to ten then shouting “Ready or not, here I come!”

In this fun, interactive game of hide-and-seek, they learn about positional prepositions and name of animals.

How to use this book:
Play hide and seek with Monkey
The monkey will be hiding somewhere, you need to help find him.
The monkey is hiding somewhere. Let’s see if we can find him.

(The monkeys) says Hello , friends I’m going to hide. Count to 10 and then try to find me .

(teacher) opens the book and counts to 10 with the students.
“Ready or not, here I come!”
Teacher will spin the middle of the book and look for the monkey . Then the teacher will pull the monkey out from behind the leaf
” I found you monkey “( it’s a spider NOT a monkey )

(Spider) says ‘ No , I’m not a monkey , I’m a spider ‘
(Teacher) ” sorry spider ‘ ( and put the spider back behind the leaf ”
Teacher will sing the hide and seek song and turn the page
” Oh MOnkey , are you hiding here ? I can see you
Teacher pulls out the snake while making a hissing sound (SSSSSSSS)
” no I’m not a monkey I’m a snake ”
” Oh sorry snake ” ( teacher puts the snake back in the tree )
Teacher ‘ Let’s keep trying to find the monkey “( sing the hide and seek song again )
“Oh I see a house , maybe the monkey is hiding in the house ? ”
Teacher opens the door while saying ” Are you here ?
Teacher opens the window while saying “maybe you are here ?

(Dog) says ” bow wow , ” Woof , woof ! sorry I’m not a monkey , I’m a dog ”

(Teacher): Oh no , you’re not there either. Where are you monkey ?
Oh , look at the roof ! I can see your tail
Teacher pulls out the cat while saying ” come out monkey , I found you ”

(Cat) says ” meow , sorry I’m not a monkey , I’m a cat ”

(Teacher) says ” sorry cat , have you seen my friend the monkey ? ”

(cat) says ” no I haven’t ”

(Teacher) ‘ OK , thank you ” ( put the monkey back in the roof )
Oh wow ! it’s the sea . ” There is a boat
” Hey monkey , what are you doing on the boat ?”
” come out and play ”
Teacher pulls the Fish out of the boat.

(The fish) says ” I’m not a monkey , I’m a fish ”

(Teacher): Oh sorry fish . Enjoy your sailing .( teacher puts the fish back on the boat. )
wow ! it’s a beautiful flower !
Teacher will move the butterfly and sing the butterfly song.(fly,fly,fly the butterfly…)
Open and close the book slowly to make the flower bloom
Look , I see the monkey . Come out and play !
remove the butterfly and speak ” I’m not a monkey , I’m a butterfly ”
Move the butterfly and make it flap it’s wings while you sing the Butterfly Song
“oh sorry butterfly ” ( put the butterfly back in the flower)
” I’m sorry I woke you upbutterfly. I didn’t mean to wake you., enjoy your nap ”

“We still can’t find the monkey , let’s keep looking ”
Wow , look at this castle ( haunted house)
” maybe the monkey is hiding in here ”
” look at the tree , monkey’s love trees , I think he’s in there ”
” I can see his eyes ”
” Hey monkey , I caught you “( pull the monster out of the tree )
(make monster noises)” raaaaarrrrrrrr ” I am a monster , not a monkey ”
” oh sorry monster ” ( put monster back )
” Ah hah , I can see something behind the wall ”
” come out monkey , I’ve caught you ”
remove the bat and make ” whoosh ” flying sounds “woosh woosh woosh”
” I’m not a monkey , I’m a bat ”
” oh sorry about that bat ”
teacher – put the bat back
” Wow ! Monkey is really good at hiding , he’s hard to find ”
” let’s keep looking ”
” Look at this waterfall / book ! I wonder if the monkey is in there ? ”
teacher – pull the arrow on the left page quickly several times and ask ” are you there ? ”
Then pull arrow slowly to reveal the alphabet
speak each letter as it is revealed
” I am letter A, B, C……
” Oh , monkey is not in here , let’s try this one ! ”
teacher – repeat the arrow pulling action using the arrow on the right page
Reveal the animals and speak their names as they are revealed
” I am a rabbit, lion,sheep ”
The last page is the monkey
” Finally ! I found you ! ” Come out monkey , it’s getting dark , go home.
Monkey says ” before I go home I want to play on the slide ”

On the last page is a monster
It’s getting dark , let’s go home .
teacher – move the book to make the monster speak ” twinkle, twinkle, little star…Hello Little monkey , let’s play hide and seek!”
monkey ” ahhhh i’m scared ! I want to go home ” ( monkey runs to the next page where he is safe at home )


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