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Baby CoCo Hand Puppet

This Set includes:
– 1 Baby Hand Puppet (16cmx40cm)

This baby puppet can be used as a variety of topics during circle time to encourage children
This hand puppet set has been sized to fit children and most adults. Kids learn motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and more

How to use

Teachers will use the puppet for morning greetings and before lunch and nap time

During greeting time
Teachers will put their hand inside the puppet and move Baby Coco when speaking.
Let me introduce you to your new friend. What is your name ?
(Teachers will use “baby voice”) “ I am Baby Coco ”
( Teacher ) ” Baby Coco , why don’t you say hello to your friends? ”
Teacher will begin to sing the Hello Song and go to each individual student and have Baby Coco greet each student with a hug/ kiss on the nose or cheek / by saying hello

When finished greeting the students, the teacher will ask ” Baby Coco , how are you feeling today ? ”
( Baby Coco ) ” I’m sleepy ”
( teacher ) ” Baby Coco , it’s morning , it’s time to play with your friends ”
” wake up wake up ” ( teacher will say while gently shaking baby Coco )
( Baby Coco will start to cry / teacher will make crying sound )
( teacher asks ) ” What’s wrong ? Why are you crying ?”
( BC ) ” I am sad , I miss my mommy and daddy.
( teacher ) ” Oh don’t worry , your mom and dad will come pick you up after you finish playing with your friends. ”
( teacher will hold up a toy to BC )
” Baby Coco , do you want to play with this one with your friends ? ”
( BC ) ” Yes , I love it ! ”
( Teacher ) ” Are you happy now ? ”
( BC ) ” Yes , I am soooooo happy ”
( Teacher will start to sing the If Your Happy and You Know It song )
( while singing the teacher will clap BC hands )
( when singing the “shout hooray ” part move BC head back so that the hat will fall off ) ( BC ) “Ohhhhh nooooo ! ”
( Teacher ) ” It’s okay , don’t worry I can fix it .
( Teacher will place the hat back on BC’s head )
( BC ) I’m sooo hungry ”
( teacher will put the bottle up to BC’s mouth )
( BC ) ” I am soooooo full and I am soooo sleepy “zzzz
( teacher will make the Shhhhhhhh while holding their finger to their lips )
( make the children be quiet )
( teacher will cradle and rock BC in their arms ) It’s happy Nap time. Good night~~


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